When you know what you want, waiting isn’t an option

We wont wait for our time, we’ve created our time. We are steering now.

Don’t wait for the approval of others. Own your process. Feel comfortable with being uncomfortable. Its in that moment you find your strength. Own it.” - Ascia Al Faraj. Entrepreneur, Content Creator.

I have been told I am too young. Too young to be great,

too young to win, too young to speak up, too young to make a difference.
Whenever somebody doubts me it makes me work harder to prove them
wrong.” —Coco Gauff, Professional Tennis Athlete

I have defined success on my own terms.

I hope other athletes, other women, see what I accomplish on and off the
track and aspire to be the best version of themselves by going after
what they want-no matter what anyone else thinks.” – Gabby Thomas,
Professional American Track and Field Athlete


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We Got Now

We Got Now

In celebration of women everywhere who are paving their own
path and inspiring others to do the same.